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A straight, healthy smile is a wonderful asset to have, and it can be yours with Invisalign clear aligners. You do not need to wear uncomfortable, embarrassing metal braces to achieve a straight smile. Invisalign is the alternative to braces, using clear, comfortable aligners to straighten your teeth. As part of our orthodontic treatments at Vista Dental Care, we are proud to offer our adult and teen patients Invisalign to improve the beauty and health of their smiles.

Invisalign uses the same principles as braces, without the brackets, wires and bands attached to your teeth. The clear plastic aligners are customized to fit your existing smile and exert gentle pressure that changes the alignment. The aligners are almost invisible, so you can straighten your smile without feeling embarrassed by noticeable hardware on your teeth. You can also remove the aligners up to a few hours a day when you eat or perform your oral care.

Adults love Invisalign due to their discreet design and comfort. Convenience is also important. There are fewer visits to the dentist for adjustments or repairs. Every few weeks you receive a new set of aligners, each bringing you closer to your finished smile.


Adults were the first market Invisalign targeted with their clear orthodontic aligners. Now, teens can also experience the benefits of Invisalign. Metal braces limit the foods teens can eat and make it difficult to keep their teeth clean. Invisalign Teen allows your teenager to brush and floss to keep their smile healthy and they can remove their aligners to eat the foods they love.

Want a beautiful, straightened smile without the hassle of braces? Contact Vista Dental Care today to schedule an orthodontic consultation. We are providers of Invisalign for adults and teens in the Ontario, Upland and Rancho Cucamonga area. Ask about our convenient payment options.