Sedation Dentistry | Dentist in Ontario, CA



Dr. Michael Min and our Vista Dental Care team understand that patients often feel anxious and nervous when they visit a dentist. That’s why we are totally focused on doing everything we possibly can to help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and virtually pain-free for any procedure. We tuck you in with a warm and cozy blanket and give you Bluetooth headphones for listening to music. And that’s just the beginning!


Whether your anxiety is mild or severe, you’ll receive the most effective sedation for handling it. When you communicate honestly with us about your anxiety and fears, your dentist, Dr. Michael Min, can recommend the appropriate sedation option:

  • Mild Anxiety – Nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas,”) is very effective for mild anxiety. The sedative is inhaled through a cup on your nose, producing a light-headed euphoric effect that wears off quickly after the procedure is completed. It’s an excellent pain reliever, too.
  • Moderate Anxiety – Oral sedation in the form of pills is a popular option because it works quickly and doesn’t involve needles. Some anti-anxiety medications like Valium®, Ativan®, and other similar medications have an amnesic effect meaning you may not remember the procedure even though were conscious. Dr. Min has a license to administer oral sedation from the state of California.
  • High Anxiety – If you have a more extreme form of anxiety, we will bring in a dental anesthesiologist to sedate you and put you to sleep for the treatment using IV Conscious Sedation. This method delivers the sedation by IV directly into the bloodstream, so the sedation effect is immediate. You won’t remember anything about the treatment procedure.

If you are nervous about getting injections of pain medication or antibiotics in your gums, Dr. Min will ease the pain of the injection with Dental Vibe, a special hand-held device that lessens the pain and fear associated with getting an injection in different areas of your mouth.

Dr. Min and his friendly and caring dental assistants will do everything in our power to ensure you are most comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. Read some of the many 5-star reviews from our patients and see how happy they are with their experiences at Vista Dental Care.