Root Canal Therapy | Dentist in Ontario, CA



Infected teeth can be painful and put your oral health at risk. When decay or infection reaches the inner canals of the tooth, it can affect the nerves of the tooth, causing pain and discomfort. Root canal therapy is a general dentistry treatment that can relieve the pain and stop the infection to save the tooth. At Vista Dental Care, we offer gentle, effective root canal therapy when you have a painful, infected tooth.

The inner portion of your tooth has canals that contain pulp and nerve roots. Decay or trauma can allow these inner canals to become infiltrated with bacteria that can cause a deep infection in the tooth. Once inside, the infection can cause inflammation or an abscess that can put pressure on the nerves. If the infection is not stopped, the tooth could be lost.


Root canal therapy is often the only way to save a severely infected tooth. It also offers pain relief for the patient suffering from the infection. Dr. Michael Min and our team are experienced in performing root canal therapy. With our advanced technology, we can quickly clear the tooth canals of diseased tooth material and damaged nerve roots. Once the infected material is removed and the inner canals are disinfected, we can pack the tooth and reseal it. Usually, a dental crown is required to protect the weakened tooth from damage. We have same day dental crowns available if your tooth needs restoration after having a root canal.

There is no reason to fear a root canal when you come to us for your dental care. We provide a relaxing environment and use the latest technology to ensure your treatment will go quickly and efficiently. Plus, we offer sedation dentistry if you prefer medication to help you relax during your treatment. Root canal therapy will save your infected tooth and stop the pain when you let our expert dental team care for your smile. Contact Vista Dental Care today to schedule your appointment.