Tooth Pain | Dentist in Ontario, CA



A toothache can ruin your day or week. The throbbing, constant pain of a damaged or diseased tooth is distracting and can even keep you from getting the rest you need at night. Stop trying to cover the pain with medication. Come to Vista Dental Care for tooth pain relief. We can find the cause of your pain and offer a dental treatment to stop the discomfort.

Tooth pain is a symptom that there is something wrong with your tooth. You may have a small crack you cannot see or there may be decay inside the tooth irritating the nerves. Until the cause of the pain is treated, your toothache will likely become worse. Don't wait for the pain to get severe. When you have a toothache, give our team a call. We can schedule you an appointment to receive prompt care. If the pain is severe, we offer emergency dentistry to resolve the problem as soon as possible.


The treatment needed to stop a toothache depends on the source of the pain. A damaged tooth can ache. A small chip in the enamel or a crack in the structure can leave your tooth sensitive to hot or cold, with a throbbing pain when you eat or drink certain foods. You may also have decay that is damaging the tooth material. Dr. Min can perform a thorough exam and find the source. You may need a tooth repair or a cavity removed, which can easily be performed at our office during your visit. In severe cases, infection or trauma may have damaged the nerve roots, requiring root canal therapy. Whatever the cause, we have treatment options available, up to and including tooth extraction if the tooth cannot be saved.

You should never try and live with tooth pain. Contact Vista Dental Care today for an appointment and come see us for an effective treatment for your dental issue to stop the pain and protect your oral health.